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Default Portable CD Players in 2017?

My last portable CD player broke. The 3 bearings which clamp down on the CD have somehow all fallen out of their enclosure. What portable CD players are good these days? I know few are manufactured anymore, so I may just go for a used model.

Features I'd like:
- At least decent converters
- Skip protection (1 minute or more would be good)
- MP3 data disc support (not a HUGE deal if not)
- FM & AM radio with good reception

I used to own a few Sony Discman CD players:
- Sony DES52CK Sports Discman

Sony D-842K Car Discman ESP CD Player:

I can't remember what happened to them but I think they may have broken.

Thanks for any tips!
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You could just bite the bullet and convert all your disks to mp3/aac. Any modern phone can play them, so you could take all your music everywhere. Yea, sorry it's not the answer you wanted.
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