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Default [5.92] Negative spikes in plugin automation envelope

Hey folks. I'm seeing some peculiar things happening with plugin automation.

Reaper 5.92/64
iMac (Mid 2011) running macOS 10.13.5


- Create a new project
- Create a track
- Open Effects on the track, and insert an instance of ReaEQ
- Open Envelopes on the track and select Gain-High Shelf
- Shift-click to create an automation point somewhere on the timeline at 0 dB (i.e. where the envelope already is)
- Shift-click to create a second automation point, later in the timeline, at less than 0

A vertical spike will appear, as though there's an extra point in the envelope at -infinity. This happens when inserting a new point below 0dB or dragging a point or segment below 0. It's not always visible immediately, but will generally show up if you adjust the zoom level.

- Insert a piece of audio on the track

The spike is usually audible during playback.

- Render the project to a file

Often, you can often hear an unwanted ramp-up of the EQ at one of the automation points, even if there is no visible spike.
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