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Originally Posted by vanhaze View Post
I totally hear ya.
I am sorry to not be of any help.

All i can say is i am in the same boat as you:
Dozens and dozens of VSTi's i have and use in Reaper, give hanging notes, all the time.
Doesn't matter if i use AU or VST versions (i am on mac).

In all other DAWS's i use: totally no hanging notes.
I work alot with MIDI, so for me it's such an annoying problem and totally unworkable that me too sometimes thinks i am better of switching to another DAW.

OSX 10.13.1
Reaper 5.65rc3/64bit.

I was having quite a lot of stuck notes with El Capitan and earlier 5.x Reaper versions, but with 10.13.1 and 5.62 they are far more rare again. I didn't keep a record to see if it was upgrading the OS or a Reaper update that improved behaviour...
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Default if someone visits this thread, here's a "solution"

This might help, i have just figured it out:

Go to actions>> make a custom action that contains two actions:

1) Transport: play/stop
2) Send all notes off to all MIDI outputs/plug-ins

Then bind the action to Space,
overwriting the standard mapping of Space=Transport: play/stop.

That solves it partially, everytime you play/stop playback you automatically "kill" all MIDI notes. (like you would with F3)

PS. i had this problem on playback stop, so it fixed this part completely, the problem now would still be on rendering
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Beastmode Beats
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Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
That's not a realistic scenario anyway, as you can't play the same key if it's already held down.
Interesting that you said that, however it could be a bug caused by using an Omni configuration, because notes can be played simultaneously from different devices using an Omni config, but idk, I get this issue a lot
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Sometimes with Zebra2 midi notes can be stucked when the track is played. What is the solution ?
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Moreover I learnt (and tested) that 3 sensor keyboards do send another note-on with no previous note-off when half-releasing and repressing a key.

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