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Default Reaper skips midi tempo changes


Recently I noticed that reaper skips or misreads tempo changes that I apply
when notating my score (on Sibelius).
It appears that there are certain cases in which Reaper is unable to interpret a
tempo change and acts buggy - can't pinpoint a cause, but it seems to dislike tempo changes on shorter note values.
I put together an example that demonstrates this.

In the image you will see a notation of what's to come in the two midi files.
A series of 32nd, 16th, and 8th notes in a little rhythmical sequence.
I've made the tempo changes such that the sequence should sound exactly the same all the way through,
basically doubling the tempos as the notes become longer.

The Midi, 'Correct-Sibelius-Test', is the midi Sibelius exports, which plays the sequence correctly.

'Wrong-Reaper-Test' is what Reaper exports.

I have done the same test in another DAW (Studio-One 4), which reads the tempos correctly.

Attached Files
File Type: pdf Reaper-Sibelius Test Img.pdf (157.5 KB, 11 views)
File Type: mid Correct-Sibelius-Test.mid (662 Bytes, 14 views)
File Type: mid Wrong-Reaper-Test.mid (635 Bytes, 8 views)

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Beware of this option:

Preferences->Media->MIDI->[ ] Snap tempo change events to whole beats when importing MIDI files

It might have relevance here (although your tempo changes DO happen on whole beats).

That said, MIDI file from Sibelius does open just fine over here... tempo map is imported correctly and indeed all the bars sound identical. And that MIDI is also exported correctly from Reaper...


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omg. You just solved a problem I have been panicking about for a week and a half. THANKS!!!
I just needed to uncheck that box, and it fixed it.
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