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Default Assigning Alt+mousewheel = unwanted behaviour

Hello, this is quite simple to explain:

I'm using Reaper 64-bit, version 6.09, on a Windows 10, version 10.0.18363 Build 18363.

I've assigned "Alt+Mousewheel" as a shortcut to run the action "View: Zoom horizontally (MIDI CC relative/mousewheel".

When I do this, because I'm pressing Alt, the "File" drop-down menu is highlighted. If I then wish to scroll horizontally, which I do with Shift+Mousewheel, nothing happens unless I first deselect the File drop-down menu by either pressing Alt again, or clicking somewhere in the arrange window. It's annoying.

I need this to work, as I'm currently being forced to emulate the Arrange Window navigation behaviour of Pro Tools. I wish I could make Protools behave like Reaper instead, but you can't customise sh*t in Pro Tools.

It would be great if this could somehow be fixed. Many thanks devs, for making such a fantastic DAW.
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Preferences (> General) > Keyboard/Multitouch, enable: Prevent ALT key from focusing main menu
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Brilliant. Thank you so much!

I suspect this problem is encountered by anyone who tries to make Reaper mimic the zooming\scrolling behaviour of Protools - as many will if - like me - they use both DAWs regularly. Could there be a solution to this in a future update?

Thanks again. Frustration now attenuated by around 6dBFS or thereabouts.
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