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Default Save as "trim" function not working

Long-time Reaper user and licensee here.

I have a problem with Reaper 5.981/x64 on Win10 with a WAV file recorded from my Tascam DA-3000 in stereo 24 bits/192 kHz. This is a file containing practice takes. I want to trim it to only keep the last take in it. I created a project and used the "save project as" function, then checked "copy all media into project directory", also "convert media", and finally "trim media, tail size 500ms".

I then select a new location for to save it, and click "save".
The problem is that the entire WAV file is still duplicated in full, and not actually trimmed.

This is only happening with this particular WAV file. The trim function has worked so far with all other WAV files from my DA-3000. Not sure why it doesn't work with this one.

The project and WAV file in question are in a ZIP at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aS...ib17NoXw2W2V-- .
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FYI, tried with version 5.982 . I now get a pop-up that says "There were errors copying media for this project: 1 files could no be copied/moved.". I tried recreating the project and PEAKS file, but the issue remained.

I would really appreciate if developers would look at this test case.

In the meantime, I worked around this trim bug by doing a render of the project in the same format as the original WAV, ie. 192 kHz stereo 24 bits.
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Thanks! It looks like there's a rounding bug where the 'save-trim' logic thinks that the item loops, so it renders out the whole source. We can fix this for the next version.

As a temporary work around either:

A) disable "loop source" for this item, or

B) make the item slightly shorter (10ms would be enough for example)
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