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Default Convolution effects: increased dB level with increased samplerate (FIXED)

tl,dr: goto RESULT

Maybe it has already been reported there but I have not found in Bug Reports, so decided to tell.
While using an evaluation version I did an "only stock plugins challenge"; to spare up CPU power, I worked on my mix @48kHz samplerate, then rendered @192kHz in order to have enough frequency headroom for saturation effects (thus to reduce aliasing to non-audible range). The mix sounded just perfect to me. Then I listened to the exported version: the electric guitars became WAY louder, the reverbs sounded exaggerated.
After a long line of experiments of switching plugins one by one, switching samplerate and watching max peak meter for a loop,
I got that
- JS effect 'Convolution Amp/Cab Modeler" made a ~+6dB increase in output by doubling samplerate (48k->96k)
- ReaVerb around ~+3.5 dB (somehow I could not measure the exact value but it was quite audible)
- JS Distortion ~1dB, it was not really audible and even could have been only because of the better waveform reproduction, almost lack of aliasing etc.

I made measurements with ReaGate, ReaEQ and ReaComp, JS Major Tom Compressor, JS Non-Linear Processor, JS Volume Adjustment, JS Saturation, JS RBJ 4-Band Semi-Parametric EQ as well - none of them had a noticeable effect as listed above.

As this side effect could ruin a whole mix and is uncontrollable (if we do not perfectly know what dB increase to count with each effects, and we may NOT know), I consider this a bug.
I really like to only use the stock plugins for mixing, most of them sound GREAT, they do what they were made for - and not being distracted by shiny fake "knobs", it really makes me increase my creativity. Considering that, I would really appreciate if they worked under any common conditions such as the one I mentioned.
Thank you for understatement.
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