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Default Video Rendering Issues

I've recently been having problems with rendering videos and I'm hoping someone can help me figure out why.

It's not all the time but most of the time when I try to render a video as MP4 or WEBM or any other video format it hangs and I get the not responding thing so I have to close it. I am running Windows 10 and I have v6.77 of Reaper and I have VLC set up in the video settings.

I believe it started when I got a different GPU. I've downloaded all of the drivers and I have the correct ffmpeg. At first it wasn't working at all then someone helped me figure out that there was "wmf" before "vlc" in my video decoder priority and after removing that it started working part of the time. I'm honestly not sure if that was always there or if it just changed when I got the new GPU because I've never touched the video settings before this all happened.

Another thing we tried was doing a portable install and when I did that everything worked fine. But then I imported my configuration to the portable install and it stopped working again. So that leads me to believe that the issue is in my preferences somewhere but the only video settings I ever touch is choosing the different formats when I go to render a video.

Is it possible that there are conflicts between the drivers of my old GPU and my new one? That is the only thing I haven't tried messing with because I don't know how. I'm happy to provide any other information you might need to help me figure this out!
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