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Default Context-sensitive undo

Cubase has a feature where, while there is only a single undo queue, changes within the Key Editor (MIDI editor) exist as a separate layer within that queue.

This is transparent to the user, but allows for a very natural-feeling workflow, where pressing undo inside the Key Editor will always undo changes only within the confines of what the user is looking at the moment.

For example: you have edited notes inside a MIDI region, then make some edits on the arrange page on some other regions, and now go back inside that MIDI region. Using undo in Reaper at this point will first cancel the arrange edits, while in Cubase the note edits will be canceled.

I realize many people will prefer the current way in Reaper, but I'd like to put forward this proposal for context-sensitive undo for discussion. I would suggest that context-sensitive undo is more intuitive to users and leads to less confusion due to undo affecting items hidden from view. Perhaps it could at least be an option.
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that link is for making contextual actions, but it sounds like what you are asking for is separated, independent undo histories, which would be very nice.
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This would indeed be very nice!
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I agree with the threadstarter. The feature would be great to have
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