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Default The Reaper Mixing Contest - September 2023: Chaque Fois

REAPER CONTEST - September 2023

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MIXING: 1-16 September
VOTING: 21-26 September
RESULTS: 28 September
FEEDBACK: 29-30 September


This month's track, Chaque Fois, was chosen by last month's winner Svein. It's by Kl˘pmin and was submitted by Alan Perez.

Note: In addition to the effects included with Reaper, the Tukan plugins (all current versions from ReaPack as of the 1st of the month) are considered part of the base installation for the contest, so if you're using plugins from this version of tukan, you don't need to include them in your submission. These are now included in mixcheck.

Non Reaper / Tukan JSFX are still allowed, you just need to include them with your submission.

Please remember:

-ONLY NATIVE REAPER FX -or- non-Native JSFX files that you include with your submission.

It's recommended that you take advantage of the normalization settings in the reaper rendering dialog to meet the LUFS and dBFS requirements by:

1. Normalizing to -14 LUFS.
2. If your mix peaks at or under -1 dBFS, you're done!
3. If your mix peaks over -1 dBFS, rerender it, normalizing to -1 dBFS.

MixCheck (https://reamixed.com/mixcheck/) is still beta, it can help you by analyzing your .rpp files before you upload to:
- Make sure your they don't contain disqualifying audio files
- Make sure your they don't contain disqualifying VST/AU plugins
- See what non-native JSFX files you need to include in your zip file
- See what impulse files you need to include in your zip file

NOTE that Mix Check DOES NOT upload your mix, only checks your project file on your local machine.

Once Mix Check has been tested I may not require you to send in the mixed flacs, just the project files, jsfx and impulses. I'd like to hear your thoughts on that.

You can download the multitrack from the website or clicking on this link.

Happy mixing anniversary!


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