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Default (Mac) Spacebar in textfield settings don't work properly.

In spite of having the preferences/settings set correctly (having 'When space key is pressed in plug-in text fields, send to main window' turned OFF) as well as having 'Global' turned off for the spacebar play/stop action in the action list the spacebar still gets sent to the main menu when in plugin text fields.

The only way to overcome it is to right click the plugin in the FX window (btw, why can't we do this when the plugin is free floating?) and select "Send All Keyboard Input To Plugin". This should not be required since I have all the settings correct.

This is a long term bug and incredibly annoying.

Say what you will about PT and other DAWs, but they get this right and it seems fundemental.

For what it's worth, based on response to a more general post that included this topic, it is apparent that this might be a Mac only bug, as another Mac user was able to confirm having the exact same problem, while a Windows user did not have the problem with the same settings.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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