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Default Put multiple windows in docker side by side? (ALT: open multiple dockers?)


I am trying to put both the transport panel and the project navigator side by side (transport taking the left side, navigator the right side) in the docker window, at the bottom. Unfortunately, I am unable to do it - tried dragging everywhere, right-click options etc. to no avail.

But I know this can be done because I saw on another thread such a configuration.

Is this possible?

Alternatively, is it possible to add another (and even 3, 4 more) dockers which I would then set up side by side at the bottom, so that each docker window holds its own docked panel and thus achieve what I'm aiming at here?

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OK, figured it out on my own:

- drag one of the tabs (e.g. navigator) and dock it to the side. This will create a new docker.
- click on its 'i' icon and set it to attached docker position: pick one desired.
- Voila.

Basically, you need to dock both dockers at the same position. I have it at the bottom. You can also resize them by moving your cursor between them. I'd also suggest enabling: Compact docker when small and single tab, to make it look seamless.
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Nice... wanted that forever, was too lazy, thanks!
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