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Default Smooth horizontal scrolling

Hi Cockos,

The more I use REAPER, the more I *love* it!

Here's a feature request, and I can understand if it's not easy to do...

I've got Shift-Scrollwheel set up to scroll horizontally in the Arrange window. This works well, except that each scrollwheel increment results in a single redraw with the scroll having taken place. This is OK when you're zoomed out on a project, but when you're looking at, say, a series of voiceover clips, it's really not visually obvious if I just scrolled left or right!

Is there any way to implement horizontal scroll events as a short glide? For example, if you use the scrollwheel to scroll vertically in Chrome or Firefox, you'll see that the content *moves* to the new position, rather than just being redrawn in the new position.

Is that something that could be brought to REAPER?

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