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Default ScriptPack: Protools style Write/Glide Automation

Four commands I use ALL the time when working with Automation in Protools are:

Edit -> Automation -> Write to Current ( CMD + / )
Edit -> Automation -> Write to All Enababled ( OPT + CMD + / )
Edit -> Automation -> Glide to Current ( OPT + / )
Edit -> Automation -> Glide to All Enabled (SHIFT + OPT + / )

There's another great one for pan, but since Reaper doesn't natively support multichannel panning, I'm going to omit that for now....

For those of you who are unfamiliar with these, they are very similar to the action "Automation: Write current values for all writing envelopes to time selection"only they don't care anything about automation states. They just do it. Preview, read, write, latch... it doesn't matter.. it just writes the the value to the selection.

So I wrote a little 4 pack of scripts to recreate these behaviors, with a few REAPER twists of course..

Write Punch all VISIBLE envelopes to Time, RazorEdit, or Item Selection
Write Punch ALL envelopes to Time, RazorEdit, or Item Selection
Glide all VISIBLE envelopes to Time, RazorEdit, or Item Selection
Glide ALL envelopes to Time, RazorEdit, or Item Selection

As the names imply, they are smart and will give selection priority in the order listed (so, Time Selection first, then RazorEdit, Then Items).

I you aren't using bleeding edge dev versions with things like Razor Edits, don't worry, the script still works.

As Reaper allows for multiple lanes to be visible (Protools, for the most part, allows only one), I've adapted the functionality, as the name Implies to process all visible envelopes, so if you only want one envelope processed, only have one envelope visible.

This works on both TRACK and TAKE envelopes

There are 2 settings in the script you may want to tweak. Just click the script in your action list and chose "Edit action"

Check Edit Cursor - Enabled by default. If your edit cursor falls within the time selection, the value it will set, will be the value at the edit cursor... This allows you to set your edit cursor at the value you want to populate (again, that must fall within the time/razor edit/item selection)

Check Armed - Disabled by default - This will write your envelope points no matter if the tracks are armed or not... I wanted a script that would just do its thing, throwing all caution to the wind. But then I thought some of you might want a little checks and balances in your life, so I enabled this option. This ONLY works for Track Envelopes (well, it would work for take envelopes too) as they are the only envelopes that you can arm. Take Envelopes will always write no matter what.

I wrote these scripts for my own personal use. I offer no support. If you have any ideas or bug reports, please feel free to write about them in this forum, but I may or may not have the time or interest to act upon them.

I'm posting this as a pack here, but all 4 scripts can be found in my ReaPack repository and installed individually. I strongly recommend you install via ReaPack.

My ReaPack URL:

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