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Default Reatune - Xenharmonic/Microtonal scales support

* Request
Basically the title says it all.
Novel-ish bit: some time ago Reaper gained support for Melodyne format in terms of pitch correction. That software enables usage of user defined scales outside of 12EDO. I don't see why ReaTune couldn't do it - besides user interface the only thing that would have to change is the "amount" of pitch correction applied depending on the selected note.

* Benefit
Making microtonal music would be even easier and more affordable. It would be the "go to solution" for considerable amount of Xen musicians - i guess.

* Reason
Right now to achieve the desirable effect user has to use plugins outside of Reaper's native environment /or/ pitch up or down every single note manually on monophonic tracks.

* Implementation Suggestion
Dropdown menu with full microtonal support options - that is importing scale files, keyboard mappings, setting the reference frequency.
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I would also like to see the ability to adjust a pitch by a number of cents. Perhaps we have a major triad. I would like to make the third a little flat to make all the intervals pure. I am no programmer, but it seems like this would be easy to program...


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