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Default Automation lane organization

I have a rather large project that has a pretty heavy amount of automation. I would like to start trying to organize it better and have been hitting walls trying to figure out if what I would like to do is currently possible.

Each lane is assigned an "Envelope: FX Parameter (1-4)" in the theme editor and I would like to be able to manually re-assign which one each belongs to. Essentially being able to control the color for organization much like with tracks. Can't seem to find an option in any documentation or on the forum on how you might do that.

Second I have noticed that the automation lanes seem to stack vertically in the order they were opened in the envelope window. Does anyone know a way to re-arrange them? Essentially move automation lanes up and down vertically just like you would do with tracks. There are plenty of parameters I had not initially automated that I now do and being able to sort those as the project changes would be very helpful.

I do realize I could create a new track, insert the plugins, open the parameters in the order I like, and then copy info via automation items. I have had some issues with getting the correct values based on how the initial lanes were created but I don't want to use this approach as it does not scale. If I add or change parameters it would mean repeating this process each time and that seems time-consuming and perhaps most egregious, inelegant.

Any ideas are appreciated!
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An old request.

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