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Default Inconsistent pooling behaviour of automation&midi items in copied tracks

Automation items and midi items contained in a track are treated in different(and undesiderable) manner when the track is copy&pasted (or also duplicated).

Scenario is the follow:

after done a fresh portable install of reaper (so, default settings) i launch and create a track and name it "track1". Then i insert different automation items and midi items, pooled and not pooled. Then (inside the same project) i copy&paste/duplicate track1, and i name the new one as "track2".

This operation will creates an identical copy of all automation items, preserving pooling, that means non pooled automation items of track1 will remains non pooled also in track2, pooled automation items in track1 will be also pooled in track2, and the automation items pool of track1 and track2 will be the same, means they are pooled in the same pool: everything its ok, this is what anybody will expected.

This operation will also creates a copy of all midi items, but without preserving their pooling, that means non pooled midi items of track1 will remains non pooled also in track2, but pooled midi items in track1 will be unpooled in track2. This is and undesiderable behaviour, and inconsisted with automation items behaviour (see https://s2.gifyu.com/images/1027d4dd770809567.gif ).

Also, in this manner there is no chance to split big projects (that demand too much ram&cpu power) in little ones (with their own master folder for preserving tracks routing inside it) and at the end merge them in a final one (ie under the same master chain and project proprieties) in a really trasparent way, because Reaper doesn't correctly handle midi items polling when copying a track from a project to another, so im forced to manally re-pool every midi items that was previously pooled after a track copy (and, in big projects, it's really a pain in the ***).

Enabling the setting "Pool MIDI source data when pasting or duplicating media items" before the copy will *partially* help, because every midi items of track1 will be pooled with corresponding ones in track2 also if before they wasn't pooled in track1, and then i will need to manually unpool all the previously unpooled items. (see https://s2.gifyu.com/images/2d4fdd7d862a57cd8.gif )

I wouldn't need to manually unpooled them only if my intent is to keep track2 and delete track1, because after track1 deletion all unwanted poolings will vanish (see https://s2.gifyu.com/images/38efd3ec8d4de7cad.gif ).

Moreover handling with "Pool MIDI source data when pasting or duplicating media items" means i need remember to enable it only when i want to copy a track, then disable it, because this setting force to pool every midi copy (see https://s2.gifyu.com/images/4ae823ab65a430abb.gif ).

My purpose is to make pooling midi items behaviour the same of pooling automation items, because copying or duplicating a track should create an identical copy of what is pooled and what is none.

Also could be really useful to add a voice in settings (on by default) named something like "Preserve MIDI item pooling when copy or duplicate tracks" or something like this, that can be disabled for switching to the current behaviour.
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