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Default Best way to convert prerecorded wav to midi

Is this thread the best way? = How do you use the Reatune to write audio to midi?

or this way? = Audio to MIDI Converter in REAPER (Guitar to MIDI)

Thank you all
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Philbo King
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The very best way is to learn to play the .wav part on a midi instrument, and record the midi coming out.
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Seemingly Melodyne can do this rather nicely.
I also have used "Anthem Score"

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Check out MK Slicer. It's free (donation ware) and it has audio to midi conversion:


Here's a video demonstrating that feature:

MKSlicer 2.5 Update: Pitch Detection (Audio to MIDI conversion)

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Another option is Neuralnote. It's a bit er... quirky in how it works but it does work although like all these things it depends on clean sounds and you often will need to clean up the MIDI afterwards.

Walkthrough here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01om4gWmSEw
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Default How to "install" "NeuralNote"?

I downloaded "NeuralNote", but am uncertain where to put the folder.

I put the unzipped folder in Reapers "Effects" folder, but that didn't seem to work.
Didn't seem to go in the "Scripts" folder, either.

I feel like I -should- know how to do this... Ugh

Anyone care to provide a little direction?

aka K8ch
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