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Default A Bestiary of MIDI Bugs for v5.25

Update v5.80 and v5.90: After a long, excruciating hiatus, MIDI bugs are being fixed again!

Our intrepid heroes, Schwa and Justin, have vanquished many a MIDI monster in v5.24. Will the upcoming v5.25 be the fabled, long-prophecied version in which all MIDI bugs are banished from Reaperland?

To aid our heroes on their quest, I have compiled this Bestiary of Bugs. I have not encountered or tested all of these bugs myself, so some of them may have fled since they were first reported, but most are definitely still roaming the lands.

For an older thread (that includes Feature Requests), please refer to MIDI - a summary of important pending things.

(Please do not report new bugs in this thread; rather, create a separate thread with a descriptive title.)

Bugs that affect ReaScript performance and user experience
Sluggishness: REAPER's audio engine is famously efficient and optimized. Sadly, the piano roll is the opposite, and it's getting worse and worse: v5.40 is THREE TIMES slower than v5.00! This negatively impacts ReaScript responsiveness:
Recent versions get terribly bogged down when multiple takes visible in MIDI editor
Standard toolbar arming cannot be used in CC lanes:
Actions armed by right-clicking toolbar button do not work in CC lane [Fixed!]

Multi-channel MIDI editing
Most of the channel-related bugs were fixed in v5.30. These somehow remain:
Bullets in channel dropdown list always show channel 1 being used [Fixed!]
Notes get deleted or extended when channel is changed to same channel as adjacent note [Fixed!]

Regions versus envelopes
Most of these bugs were fixed in v5.75!
Copying or moving regions messes up the tempo envelope [Fixed!]
Copying or moving regions messes up automation envelopes [Fixed!]
Moving regions drops multiple copies of existing tempo markers
If Allow trim of MIDI items is off, moving region across tempo change drops notes

Other tempo envelope and time signatures bugs
Important tip: As discussed here and here (and elsewhere), the tempo map can easily get screwed up if options such as the following are not carefully and correctly set:
* Timesig markers "Allow partial measures",
* Add edge points when ripple editing or inserting time,
* Timebase for tempo envelope,
* Timebase for MIDI items.
One of the most common complaints concerns timesig markers jumping around. This is usually the result of "Allow partial measures" = OFF, combined with Timebase for tempo = Time.

"Create new measure from time selection" alters tempo at *end* of time selection [Fixed!]
"Create measure from time selection" calculates wrong tempo if there is a tempo marker close to end of the time selection
"Insert empty space" deletes time signature at start of time selection [Fixed!]
Select/Copy/Delete "points in time selection" unreliable - depends on how time selection was drawn [No recent reports - perhaps fixed?]
Gradual tempo changes: gridline display/snapping and envelope pasting issues
Inserting new tempo point via right-click menu changes value/shape of previous point
Inserting square tempo point into linear envelope creates weird new timesig changes [Fixed!]
When copy/pasting points into tempo envelope, it always acts as if Timebase=Time
Time signatures with partial measures cannot be inserted when timebase=time

MIDI import and export
Certain time signatures cannot be exported to MIDI, but no warning is given
After importing XML, quantization makes notes disappear [Fixed!]
If project start time < 0, export only starts at time 0:0.000

Quantization and snapping
Quantize window applies wrong settings to non-active tracks [Fixed!]
Quantize moving items which are already on the beat [perhaps expired - no recent confirmations]
When just opened, Quantize window shows "Triplet", but "Straight" is applied
When using "CC selection follows note selection" to coordinate notes and CCs, CCs follow manual note movements but not note quantization [Fixed!]
Snapping to time position after linear tempo transition when the previous tempo marker does not fall on the grid
"Quantize notes position to grid" uses "Strength" setting from main Quantize window (for that we have the "Quantize ... last quantize dialog settings" actions)

MIDI note names
Note names not displaying in first track [Expired]
Midi note name files not merging when shift+click on recent list [Fixed!]
Actions and menu items to change CC names misleadingly refer only to "note names" [Fixed!]
CC names does not immediate update [Fixed!]

Stuck notes and missing note-offs
Record settings: Input quantize results in stuck MIDI notes
Stuck notes when playing MIDI through VSTi - perhaps due to reaperhost bridge? (and perhaps also reported here)
Note-off not sent when using replace/enclose and a note overlaps the start of the enclosing item
"Send all notes off to all MIDI outputs/plug-ins" action is unreliable
Stuck notes can be caused by doing certain unusual edits *during* playback

Mouse modifiers and editing actions
Win key is not available as modifier for mousewheel shortcuts [Fixed!]
Deselection: Double-clicking in CC lane still automatically deselects all events, even if "No action" is selected
Deselection: Left-click on MIDI note deselects all events, even if "No action" is selected [Fixed!]
Velocity lane: "Erase event" mouse modifier does not work in velocity lane [Fixed!]
Velocity lane: Cannot edit velocity of single note in a chord [FIXED]
Velocity lane: If drawing fast, some notes are skipped
Short notes: "Erase notes" with left-drag skips short or zoomed-out notes
Actions "Add previous/next note to selection" sometimes get stuck or slip notes Fixed!
14bit CCs: Unselected CCs disappear when range-selecting via shift-click [Fixed!]
14bit CCs: Ctrl-click in 14-bit CC lanes selects only the MSB CC, not the LSB CC [Fixed!]

(Continued in next post...)

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