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Default TouchOSC Widgets for Reaper

What you'll find here:
  • This is an ongoing collection of widgets that can be ncorporated into TouchOSC control surfaces.
  • Each widget is in a self-contained group that can be copied and pasted and customized to your liking.
  • A few are autonomous, but most require a support structure added to Reaper by way of scripts and OSC shortcuts.
  • They've been built and tested under Windows 64bit, but will most likely run on other platforms.
  • Keep in mind I'm pretty new to all this GitHub and forum posting stuff, ...
  • Custom OSC messages are usually named after the Lua files they trigger.
  • I use locally referenced Reaper API calls in my scripts, they run faster and are easier to type.
  • Scripts have been optimized and benchmarked, so they may not be the easiest to follow.
  • I've tried to keep the scripts as implementation neutral as possible, but since everyone's device ID's etc. are different the need to modify some of the scripts and control surfaces is unavoidable. I will do my best to keep the README files on GitHub comprehensive.
  • I'm open to suggestions, if they intrigue or challenge me I might implement them.
You can find all the widgets and support code on GitHub at Petey-B's /TouchOSC Widgets

As of this post I'm using Reaper 6.81 and TouchOSC
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