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Default C++ question - overlapping arrays?

I need to do something rather unorthodox in C++. Can't find the answer anywhere online.

I need to define an array that overlaps another array, so both arrays read from and write to the same memory locations. Related, I also need to define an array of chars that overlaps an array of strings.

Something like this:
byte originalArray[256];
byte myArray = originalArray + 128; // an array of bytes, it starts halfway in

if (myArray[0] == myArray[1]) {     // read from originalArray[128] and [129]
  myArray[2] = 3;                   // write to originalArray[130]
Do I need to define the length of myArray? If so, how?

2nd example, for strings:
char originalArray [10][32];        // 10 null-terminated strings, length <= 31
char myArray = originalArray + 128; // an array of chars, not null-terminated

if (myArray[0] == ' ') {            // read/write 1st char of 5th string
  myArray[0] = '!';
I know this is not good programming practice. But I absolutely positively have to do it this way! (Long story.)
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