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Default [SOLVED, not a Reaper bug] CPU usage 100% on a single core with visual spacers


I found this bug that only seems to occur under very specific circumstances. CPU on a single core goes to 100%!

I think I mostly got down how to replicate this:

1. New project with one track, make sure the master track is hidden in TCP.
2. Add a visual spacer before the track
3. Insert 2 instances of Toneboosters eq v4 (with one instance cpu jumps as well but not as high. This happens with some other plugins as well but again, not as clearly.)
4. Set fixed item lanes
5. Toggle between showing a single lane and showing all lanes (you don't need to create multiple lanes, one is enough to show this behaviour)

I didn't dig through all my plugins but quickly I couldn't find other plugins that cause this behaviour so maybe something sketchy with this particular plugin as well. But either way I think it's something wrong with visual spacers also.

Removing the visual spacer from the project fixes the problem! Same with removing the EQs which seems really weird.

Also if there's another track before the track with the EQs the problem goes away. Hide that new track so that the track with EQs is visually first and the problem returns.


Ok, after thinking about it again, I realize I might have been a bit hasty in calling this a Reaper bug. Maybe it's just the plugin, but something in Reaper under these conditions is triggering this which seems weird. I'll contact the plugin developer as well.
See next post.


A clean (portable) install solved the issue. Latest SWS beta (2.14) seems to cause this behaviour.

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