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Default The BCF2000 Reaper setup thread collection area

*its 2021! *
csi is breathing life into old bcf2000's

*it's 2015 and this thread is updated*
all the info you need to setup the bcf2000 in reaper is here in this excellent forum, as I discovered when setting mine up - but it also kind of buried in various threads that can lead answer-seekers to get a bit bogged down.

So this is an 'in progress' ever-growing collection of links to the vast amount of EXISTING info gleaned from Reaper freaks new and old, on setting up and making best use of the bcf2000 (and the bcr) in reaper, hoping to sift out the fudgy bits for you and make sense of them - enjoy :

Thread update status - last updated:
11/4/15 - Epicsound made a video guide of bcf2000 in Mackie extender mode.
7/2/13 - link to thorough klinkes MCU setup guide thread by tehsux0r
17/4/12 - belatedly added Nofish's guide to setting up a BCR2000 using MCU mode and Klinkes plugin (pc only) -
24/8/11 - added a link to a post with a clerik pack sync-fix.
11/8/11 - updated Klinke MCU mod link + text edits..
28/4/10 - update Klinkes mcu mod info with links to guides.
20/11/09 - link to Coerces setup webpage - added
4/6/09 - setting up bcf preset change from *within* reaper guide - added
28/5/09 - Cleriks quick setup guide added.

------------------------------------------ SETUP GUIDES (in **no particular order**):

to help you decide which setup to go for...:

Tip: just try MCU mode, klinke mod.

If you'd prefer the unit in BCF mode (not MCU mode) :

Coerces setup is loosely based upon the clerik pack but is more recent & up-to-date with auto-syncing of faders and other features as described on his webpage etc. great guide if you have 2 units. it says win7 but applies to all OS.
cleriks pack was loosely based on a bcf mode based setup i described a while back which i've since tweaked in my own direction and may post one day...

basically there is no one 'definitive' bcf mode setup - since users have devised different functions to suit their needs over time. so do ensure not to confuse any guides, choose one and try it!

**HOWEVER - for the unit in MCU mode Klinkes mcu mod is a feature rich animal with depth for use in the units MCU Emulation modes.

its easy to get started and well worth investigation, so for single unit users wanting to just get going, I'd go for that:

Klinke mcu mod AND GUIDES

includes vst feedback and loads of features - link updates 8/2011 /2012 (nofish guide) - 2013 added tehsux0r guide [/b]

quote from klinke "try my mcu-plugin in combination with BCFview:
link to his thread:


------- GUIDES FOR SETTING UP BCF2000 and Reaper with MCU mode/Klinke driver etc.

Video guide ** 2015 **

Basic setup of Mackie Extender mode on OSX. Dead simple, no hacks, it just works and you can do a ton with it. By Epicsounds.

-- 2013: tehsux0r guide thread for klinke mod and 'folder mode in particular, v thorough.


2012: Nofish wrote a guide for setting this up with a BCR2000 -


- musicbynumbers also did a BCF guide:

Klinke: "I added some features for the BCF2000 and some BCF users are happy with the results. It would be a good idea to look also into the corresponding thread, especially at post 127, where musicbynumbers has written a short BCF2000 help guide:

http://forum.cockos.com/showpost.php...&postcount=127 "


Coerce setup guide (for unit in BFC mode and relating to 2 units)
Coerce created this webpage with clear instructions on getting a sweet setup for use in BCF mode, similar to my own setup and for *multiple* BCF units too - details to follow:
this is recommended over the clerik pack for various reasons - get the sysex provided installed on the bcf then follow the instructions bit further down the page.



Clerik added a self contained guide zip. (i'll refer to it as the "clerik pack") with all you need to get functional reaper/bcf setup sorted pretty quickly (using it in bcf mode) - with his own twist on the guides/files linked to later. --
[ this is now pretty old, and the man himself has not been seen for a while, stick with coerce set imo.]

it is wise to read the detailed threads/posts mentioned below first that do explain the ins and outs of these 'homebrew' setups in detail - do get hold of bc-manager etc. before trying the clerik/coerce setups out, just so you are more informed about what you're doing.

Clerik's bcf setup pack

-keymaps and macros and preset files included are all set to go - just import to reaper and to the bcf.

here are some updated macros that sync the faders when using mixer view 'feature' found here in his original thread that also seemed to clear some buggines in the clerik setup. so if you use it, worth trying them.


---- overview of the Original (dull!) simple style reaper default Setup:

you can setup the bcf2000 in the standard way by basically setting things in REAPER prefs/control surfaces to your units midi ports (unit in bcf mode) & by not setting anything in prefs/midi! <<<
this has a few disadvantages however, so most users end up going for something like the post #7 (edit: also described in post #1.) of the next thread linked, or klinkes mcu mode mod.


- heres a guide to facilitate/automating bcf preset changes from 'within' reaper (e.g with a toolbar button)- *updated 4/6/09*


this describes how to achieve a setup whereby you press a custom toolbar button in Reaper and have the bcf2000 jump straight to a specified preset. (and/or you can automate preset changes).
all required files included. needs only the app 'midi-ox' and a virtual midi port to get going.

Ive wanted to be able to do that for long time...

*update 04/2009 FORUM THREADS relating to the bcf2000*:

the following thread has the nitty gritty: it may look a bit messy now but the main posts are detailed yet step-by-step so don't be scared! its the main setup discussion thread at the moment...

the posts relevant to the popular bcf-mode halfnhalf setup and view change, as in cleriks pack are posts 7, 9, and 10. remember that! 7 9 10. 7,9,10 ...

**'main bcf2000 setup/discussion thread':**


** post #7 **
Describes in full the preferred setup for the bcf2000 in bcf mode ( my choice and as used in Clerik pack):
nick named the "half and half method", it uses midi settings for data input and control surfaces settings for data output.

** look out for a link to a bcf sysex preset file added that has many of the (lengthly) described/needed midi channel tweaks etc. all set up ready to go, - for banking and for 'actions upon preset change' ** it changes the first 4 presets only.
just send it to the bcf unit with e.g BCmanager - see the post...

[note: this is a basic .sysex version of the .bc2 file in cleriks pack ]

** post #9 & 10 **
describes how the 'change mixer view on preset change/banking' (& show only the bcf controllable tracks)
functionality is setup - macros and extensions etc.
(tweaked versions ready-to-go are in the clerik pack!)

-------------------------------- Links to OTHER STUFF :

BcManager download link - funky editor for bcf/bcr2000 - great free app(V2)

Klinke's mackie plugin csurf.dll for bcr in bcr mode - [new link and info above!]

flipotto bcr2000 presets site lots of mackie mode stuff also:

FABs work on vst feedback for BCR...

and his bcf MCU preset:

C/O earlabs
mcu midi chart:

hope others contribute their fave bits of info that add to the list.

doing a forum search will yield the various threads the above came from to help fill in details.

credits go to all those previous posters that got me started with this thing
JS Super8 Looper Template & intro | BCF2000 uber info Thread | Who killed the Lounge?

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