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Default Puremagnetik plugins ASIO problem

I've downloaded Verv, PastFabric and Fathoms from Puremagnetik. All of these plugins produce a crackling/distorted sound as though the ASIO buffer size is too small. I'm using Reaper 5.984 with my EMU-0404 USB interface on Windows 10 Pro (X64). My PC is a Dell T3400 Core 2 Duo 3.00GHz with 8GB of RAM.

I've tried changing the buffer size in small increments from 12ms to 500ms but the problem persists. If I change the driver from EMU ASIO any other (e.g. WASAPI), the problem is solved.

This would seem to suggest that there is an issue with the EMU ASIO driver, although it works perfectly with all the other plugin I possess. Also, the Puremagnetik plugins sound fine using the EMU ASIO driver in Ableton Live 9. As such, I've concluded that this is something to with the Reaper-Puremagnetik-EMU combination.

I'd be very grateful if anyone has experienced anything similar or has any suggestions as to how I might troubleshoot this. I've tried the obvious e.g. reinstalling Reaper, reinstalling drivers, reinstalling plugins to no avail. Cheers!
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