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Virtual Live Band
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Default Another Server Question!

Hi all, with this global lockdown I am rebooting the Virtual Live Band project, we played many gigs as a virtual band using ninjam in secondlife between 2006-2013! So it been a while and we no longer have our dedicated server. So I am trying to run one from home. The only osx server I had will only work on an old G4, and works fine. But the G4 is old and temperamental (like me) so I would like to get it running on a newer machine. osx10.11 or above.

I have managed to find and download a Ninjam for Maverics and it loads and runs ok but has a login problem, it not recognising the login and/or password from the config file, I get the following error:

got login request for 'Tom' Refusing user, invalid login/password disconnected (username:'', code=1)

Ive used the same config file from the server that is running on the G4 so it should be ok.

from the config file:
User Tom tom CBTKRM # allow chat, bpm/bpi, topic changing, and kicking, a reserved slot, and multiple logins

I can log in as anonymous but cant change the bpm bpi, so that not good!

So is there a work around for this or does someone have a working version of Ninjam for maverics or above they can send me.


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Greetings ,

I actually have the same problem . Did you find a solution ?


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