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Default Not-quite-newbie questions:

Hey there, loving Ninjam and have a couple of questions.
I tried to read through the Ninjam pdf and my eyes started to, I thought I'd ask my questions, here:

1) I see a "jam" that has 1 (one) user, but when I join there's nobody there.
So, I leave again and, that same jam -still- shows there's "1 user" in the jam.
What's happening, here?
How is "0" users different than "1"?

2) Are there pre-recorded backing tracks available? I think I'm hearing some...but maybe it's actually "backing track" supplied by the person who set up that particular server?

Okay...I guess that was all the questions I wanted to ask, for the moment.

Hope to jam with you all, sometime!
(I usually use a midi guitar w/a vibraphone, clarinet or other uncommon instrument 'cause Lord knows, we don't need another guitarist! )


(aka Keith Haydon)
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Human being with feelings
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1 - can you paste what you see.

2 - Any audio in your DAW can get into NINJAM; if your client can sync to the NINJAM metronome and your backing fits the interval, it's vaguely worth doing - but why log into NINJAM to do it?
Originally Posted by Tony Williams
...Playing fast around the drums is one thing. But to play with people for others, to listen to, that's something else. That's a whole other world.
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