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Art Evans
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Default Cumulative signal drop in pan envelopes

I've just noticed that if I add a pan envelope to a (stereo) track (by pressing "P"), which has the pan control in the centre before I add the pan envelope (which is also centred), the output level of the track is lowered by almost 3 dB.

That can't be right, surely? Seems like the pan law is being applied twice over?? Indeed, if I add pre-fx pan, another 3db (or thereabouts) is taken off.

Hmmm.... I can kinda see the logic in this but once again, the cumulative signal loss can be as much as 9dB. You can change the pan law for the track's normal pan fader but not for the envelopes, it seems. So - if you are using pan automation, and normally I imagine that would not be pre and post fx, and you are not using the normal pan control, then you need to set the normal pan control's pan law to zero to avoid 3 + 3 dB signal loss.
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good catch
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ah, oops. will fix for b1
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