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Default touchOSC template for vsti, help with parameters

Ok, so I wanted to create my own touchosc template for a synth I use. Ideally I wanted to use OSC vs learn so I could get feedback from the synth. Here's my issue. Lets say I wanted to have a rotary control filter cutoff. How would I know which fx parameter number that would be? And lets say it's a rather high number, like 52. I'm guessing I'd have to set FX_PARAM_COUNT to 52 in order to gain access to that particular message?

I'm not sure the best way to go about this. Originally I wanted it to be sort of neat and the rotaries only controlling certain aspects of my synth. But after reading about touchOSC more I'm thinking I might just have to create a page with a whole bunch of rotaries and a button to move through the banks so I can select what I want from a larger list.

I was using the logictouch template, but it could only display 4 fx param at a time and my synth probably has close to 200 so that's a lot scrolling through banks I have to do before I get to the parameter I want.

Also sort of unrelated but I noticed in the logictouch template the fader doesn't respond to writing automation. Anybody know how I'd go about creating a fader in touchosc that allows me to record volume automation?
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