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Default New Song - Snowflake

This is a song about how we ought to take more time to try and understand each other, and focus on the good things in life rather than dwelling on the negative.

I'm using a Superior Drummer 2 Ludwig drum kit I recently created for Linux, and am playing them from V-Drums. The guitar solos are my good buddy Polymod, and I'm playing the rest of the instruments. It's titled "Snowflake" at:


Everything seems to be a trigger
And everything makes you sad
Maybe you're looking in the wrong direction
Coz you're only seeing what's bad

Open your eyes to the other side
Of the world you've created inside your mind
Peel back the layers until you find
That your smile melts the darkness into the light

Living in the moment and breathing in the air
Capturing imagination while sitting in my chair

Open your thoughts and listen to your fellow man, he might surprise you
We're not as different as you'd like to think, and we're in this together
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