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Originally Posted by sai'ke View Post
Alright. I prefixed Saike to them now.

Glad you like 'em. And I'm honored haha

That compressor is bound to go into Squashman (pre-saturation/distortion), albeit in a somewhat simplified form. And maybe with or without an expander too. I'm still working out whether to simplify it a bit and if so, how. It seems a bit cumbersome to have to set attack, decay, threshold and ratio for every band that has a compressor enabled on it.

But it's tricky though, because if I don't expose all the settings, I'd be limiting the user quite a bit in terms of what he or she can do. If I do expose the settings, it's quite a bit of knobs and soon we'll have cockpit-itis on our hands again. Tricky tricky.

I'd appreciate advice, but maybe it'd be good if I open a separate Squashman thread once I have a prototype
The Tight Compressor is just stunning. It offers such a nice musical character to drums which makes it right away to one of my favorites. Only confusing thing was the ratio starting from 0 and not from 1. Anything else feels really tight and makes a lot of fun.
BUT I downloaded the prefixed versions of your plugins without success. They showed up with Sai'ke prefix in the Reapack window but didn't find their way into the effects list. Still only the old names.

And you are planning to add a compressor to every Squashman band? I'm not sure if this would make much sense as the squashed bands are compressed/limited already if they get saturated. Or what is the idea behind it? (And no, this is not criticizing because I would never dare to do so. )

Many, many thanks for your great JSFX additions. They are very useful to me and share kind of an organic character. I'm one of your biggest fans, Sai'ke. That's for sure.
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