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Default 88 Keys with knobs - which is the right keybed?

Hi all
I hope I'm not asking anything stupid, being a newbie, but I'm looking for a keyboard, and I'm beginning to feel desperate, so asking kindly for your help

Not sure if this is important, but my music style is on the edge between classical, experimental and jazz. So lots of acoustic sounding VST instruments (cello, piano, double bass, orchestra's etc) that I need to be able to play with nuance.

I'm looking for a good keyboard, close to a real piano. There's a big market for that, but most are digital piano's, not suitable to use as a master for reaper.
Also, I need knobs, prefarably transport buttons, pads, sliders and the works. But it seems all keyboards made for that are dance oriented, and have mostly keyboard action in stead of good hammer action keybeds.

So there are a few exceptions. Arturia Keylab 88 seems to be one. I like what I read about it. But I tried two of them, and the keys feel like I'm pushing them in mud. Much too heavy for me, and certainly much heavier than my 130 year old standing piano. After playing it for 7 minutes in the shop my hands really start to hurt.

As I don't see much alternative, I'm now looking to buy a good keybed and a second small keyboard on top of that, just for the sliders, wheels and knobs.

My questions are:

1. Is this possible? Can you use the pitch wheel on one keyboard to influence the notes you play on another keyboard?

2. I find the Arturia 88 keylab too heavy. It's a TP/100LR Fatar keybed. However, the Studiologic SL88 Studio has the exact same keybed, but feels much lighter to play. How is this possible?

3. I'm not looking forward to mapping everything. But as I understand it, it's only the Novation and Nectar keyboards that automap everything in Reaper. Is that right, or are there more brands that do that?

(And I hear Nektar and Novation keybeds are not even close to real piano keybeds, so that seems a no go for me, however suited they may be for people producing dance etc.)

4. I'm playing on a cheap M-Audio code 49 now, which is an awful thing, making as much noise with the amplifier off as when it's on. So looking for silent keys. Anybody got a tip for a small keyboard with durable sliders, wheels, pads and knobs? (Keys not even needed, as I will get something like Roland FP-30 or Studiologic SL88 Studio for that)

Thanks a lot for any help!
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