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Default Channel Strip & Arrow Keys for selecting tracks


Something simple and to the point like the above "mixer stripe" would do as long as the complete list of FX on a channel is visible. Docking-floating is a must.

Up/down arrow keys set to select/scroll tracks is the other one.

Definite hair savers for me!

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Default Update

At 1.06 it looks like all we really need for completion is in the original post. A floating channel strip and the ability to scroll through tracks with the arrow keys would give reaper its finishing touches in terms of navigation and UI. I wouldn't go any farther than that because it anything else would be extraneous clutter and that would be very un-Reaper!

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Art Evans
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You can set the arrow keys to "Track: Go to next track" and previous, and decide how track selection will be modified or not by that action, in the keyboard shortcut preferences dialog.
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Oh, my God, Becky, look at that butt...on

Boy, THAT puts discussion of REAPER's appearance in a whole new light. I promise I'll never criticize REAPER's looks again. Ewww.

I agree, a floating/dockable channel strip that
A. made the mixer unnecessary,
B. allowed the track pane to be shrunk to just track names,
C. showed routings and FX without pushing buttons
D. has access to track automation, unlike the mixer

would be way cool. +5

Arrow keys to scroll selected track makes more sense than their current use, especially as the horizontal arrow keys do something completely unrelated.

ACK!!! I just investigated the arrow keys - they do EVERYTHING!!!

Ctrl+Alt+UpArrow or Ctrl+Alt+DownArrow DO select tracks. And Ctl+Shift+Alt+Up/Down arrow, adds to the selection. So just redefine them.
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It´s also easy to set shortcuts for Open FX routing, and I/O routing.
And automation.
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