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Default ReaSamplOmatic5000 Velocity Trigger?

I don't know how complicated this would be to put in the programming of Reasamplomatic, but this is similair to the way "Note Start" and "Note End" paramaters work...

Would it be possible to make a "Velocity Start" and "Velocity End" set of parameters? For example, say I have a light kick drum and a heavy kick drum. I have two instances of reasamplomatic set to the same note value with each sample loaded. Depending on how soft/hard I strike the key, it plays the appropiate sample.

Thank you for reading!

EDIT: Hmm, I was just thinking in general how a "(CC variable) Start" and "(CC variable) End" might be useful. But if it would make Reasamplomatic too bloated for everyone's taste, I understand.

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