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Question Routing midi into comp - > tone generator -> back to comp?


I'm relatively inexperienced with routing midi so I'm looking for some help.

I have a midi controller sending midi to computer via USB. I want to record that midi signal in Reaper.

I then want to send that same midi track out via my RME HDSP 9652 to my Motif Rack tone generator. That would, I assume, allow me to use whatever voice I want and send it back to my computer as audio.

Is this the "best" way to do this? I want to have the midi track for capturing the performance without committing to a voice patch. I also want to be able to hear the motif sounds in real time as I play. Will there be a latency issue?

If it matters, the audio from the Motif Rack will be sent into my Focusrite Octopre and Apogee converters on the way back into the HDSP card. Last thing, I don't have the midi dongle for the card yet (BOHDSP9652MIDI) but that model is what I plan to buy if this plan makes sense.

Appreciate your help with this!
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You need two tracks:
MIDI track has your USB controller as an input and uses MIDI hardware send (IO/route button) to send MIDI to your sound module.
Audio track recieves audio output from sound module.

If there is any latency you will see it between where the MIDI notes start and the audio transients are recorded, but I didn't get any with a similar setup. You can correct it manually or measure it to determine an offset value in prefs>audio>recording.
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Thumbs up

excellent! Thanks for the confirmation. Will order the midi dongle and give it a shot.
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