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Default Files take a *long time* to come back from "Offline"

I have a very fast Core i7 cpu, 6GB of RAM, Windows 7/64bit OS, and a WD Raptor hard drive. It's a very snappy system. Since V4 of Reaper came out, files that go "offline" take a loooonnnggg time to become ready to use again. Also, when I'm working on a short loop for a few minutes, once I change focus to a place on the waveform that is outside of the loop, it can take up to 10 seconds for Reaper to be ready to use again. This happens on both the 64- and 32-bit versions of Reaper.

It's like the hard drive has gone to sleep and has to wake up and reload the files into Reaper. In fact, it does seem like the files are being stored on the drive, and not in RAM. This happens with smaller files (say, 6 tracks in a 5-minute song). So there should be plenty of RAM to store the audio data to keep it from caching.

This is really frustrating and it really interrupts the flow of the session.

Anyone else seen this?
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