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Default track-colour via osc (hacky options?)

Hi there,

i would love to have my lemur template colour it´s tracks, just how the tracks are coloured in reaper.

To me that makes a big diffenence when looking at a big project with many tracks.

There is no OSC message that can be configured for this, but a script coud maybe be used...

Before i dive into this i am interested in your oppinion. These "solutions" seem clunky and hacky and i don´t like that.
Still want my tracks to be colorful..

Track-colour can be aquired by reascript. Somewhere i have seen a formula to convert that number to RGB.

We need some element that a script can "write" to, and that will get send out via osc.

Option A
A js-effect on tha master track that passes audio right through but delivers some fx parameter values.
These Values could be used to transmit RGB Values for all tracks.

Option B
Maybe some other element of the OSC config file could be missused. Region Names maybe...

Possible Problem:
These values would need to be updated whenever the track-bank changes.
Not sure how this could be done in a practical way...
A defered script would have to check all the time, right?

Option C
use some kind of prefix in each tracks name to inform the device of the tracks colour.
That prefix could be added by script during colouration of the track.

This would be transmitted with every track-bank change, or anytime the track name gets delivered.

But it would look not great if every Trackname started with a clunky prefix.
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