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Default Severe MIDI Madness [SOLVED!]

Some severe annoying MIDI issues. I thought I had them sorted out, but they just happily decided to come back.

1) Why can't Reaper remember the hardware outputs?
I use 2 Steinberg Midex8's over USB and Bome Midi Translator Pro. They work perfectly, yet Reaper from time to time doesn't seem to recognize them and then adds another instance of Midex's - which makes the old alias names and routings obsolete. Templates aren't working any longer - "HW: ?". I have to start over again.

2) Is the hanging notes issue back?
I thought, again, that it didn't happen the last time I used e.g. Kontakt, but now it's absolutely unusable. Any edit in the Midi editor will result in a note cluster that can only be stopped when hitting F3 several times.

3) Is Windows 10 the culprit?
All of this was working - more or less - perfectly when I still ran Windows 7. Since Windows 10 I run into problems, though allegedly it is "better" (whatever that means) regarding MIDI. Did I miss something in the system control panel? What about Windows updates? After every update some manually changed setting has returned to default!

Is it my Reaper preferences somewhere? Instrument tracks all have ReaControlMIDI as the first plugin in the chain - because I need it for automation and program changes and because it was said to prevent hanging notes. Nope.
How do you synth guys/orchestral composers do it? What is different in your (hardware) settings that you're able to work without glitches or need to re-setup the MIDI side of things every week?

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