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Default Aux monitor limiter

Hi i use reaper with great success for monitoring purposes. I record all tracks of live instruments and then send them to aux tracks for every player of my band. Everything works great, but I would like to limit maximum db, for hearing protection and for not getting distorted signal. Here is where problem starts.
Tried to do this on fx on every aux track but main problem is that recive of all tracks is to loud. I want to limit signal of all recives on aux track. Tried it on input effects, but it didnít work at all. When I add limiter on track fx I limit what goes to hardware output, but itís already distorted when someone decide to add to much gain on recive with aux monitor via more_me web monitor. When I add on input fix nothing happens.

Do You know any solution for limit recive for hardware output that wonít clip and obey rule of not goes over 0db?
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