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Default First MIDI notes louder after playback start


First of all, I'm not sure if this is a Reaper bug or if it's caused by some other issue, so I'm sorry if this has no place here. I haven't got any other suitable DAW to crosscheck.

What happens is that after I hit "play" the first appearing notes on every midi track are played back louder and then gradually stabilizes on the volume I've set, as if I'd given every note it's own velocity setting, gradually declining from around correct volume + 6db to correct volume.

This happens within a timeframe of about 0,5 - 1 second, so the amount of notes that are played back louder depends on how many notes are played within that timeframe. This happens to the first notes on every MIDI track, so if one of the MIDI tracks doesn't play notes at the exact point I choose to start the playback, the first notes on that MIDI track will be louder later, when the track starts playing notes.

It's not an issue of note-doubling, as it occurs whenever and wherever I decide to start the playback from. Deleting notes doesn't help.

It's not a NI Kontakt issue, as it happens to other plugins as well.

My current workaround is to automate the volume of each midi track the first 0,5 - 1 second when the track plays its first notes (to avoid volume increase on the track export/bounce), but as I'm sure you can understand it's no lasting solution

I appreciate any and all help, and hope this has an easy solution that I've simply overlooked.
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Mmh, maybe try with disabled "Tiny fade in on playback start" (Preferences/Audio).

Not sure if that's the culprit (because you're getting higher volume).
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Same problem here, since v4. I've made a post a while back about it and with example, but can't find it now. Don't know if tuning off small fade in fixed it.
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have you made shure that there are no "hidden" controller events like expression or volume? And if, are they at the right place (before the note on event)?
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REAPER 5.62 x64
Win7 x64

I have the exact same problem. Using Kontakt 5.6.8. It appears not to be a midi issue. I have used midi monitors before, after, and inside of Kontakt to look for unintended messages. I have tried changing every relevant or slight related setting I could recognize within Reaper and Kontakt. It is not due to velocity or CC.

It is related to audio, and I also found it to be time dependent, just as described above. If I trigger a sound (whether by midi, or with Kontakt's internal keyboard) before my first recorded midi note is played, then the recorded note will be the intended volume (as long as it is .5-1 second before). If I trigger an empty key in kontakt in the same way, the recorded note is about 6db louder than it should.

Thanks for any help!
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I can get proper volume behavior when a sounding note is placed prior to the intended first note, and yet have the track's volume envelope set to silence during this prior note.
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