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Default I think I have found the bug that causes Melodyne lost data! (FIXED)

Familiar with this? :

1) I made a simple test project. Just one track with one media item and Melodyne loaded on it as Track FX and did some edits. The audio file was in the same directory as the project file.

2) I set to automatically backup every 1 minute.

3) Added a track FX after Melodyne.

4) I was pressing Save manually and kept closing Reaper and re-opening the project to see when the bug appears.

5) The bug appeared and then I opened the faulty project and the last working backup in Notepad++ and compared the two files..

Guess what?
These are the only lines changed between them:

Faulty project:

<REAPER_PROJECT 0.1 "6.03/x64" 1580347453
FILE "2020-01-20_0125.wav"

Working automatic backup:

<REAPER_PROJECT 0.1 "6.03/x64" 1580347446
FILE "G:\REAPER RECORDINGS\2020-01-20_0125.wav"

The additional FX was added when the project timestamp was 1580347324. Which is 129 seconds and two automatic backups before the faulty project. I do not think that it has something to do with the bug.

Looking at the differences between the two projects:

1) As you see I happened to press Save 7 seconds after the automatic backup. I think it is probable that this triggered the bug. Manually saving very close in time with the automatic backup.

2) The file is a totally valid Reaper project. Melodyne's data is not corrupted!

3) The file path is referenced relatively in the faulty project and with the full path in the backup. Actually all automatic backups (I opened all of them) do not reference the file relatively as the original file does. Should it be like that? (This is correct since the audio file path is not any more in a folder residing in the same path as the backup file)

4) I opened the faulty project in Notepad++ and changed the file reference to the absolute path and... the project opened and Melodyne had all my edits! Which means:
IN CASE YOU LOST YOUR EDITS: open the faulty project with a text editor and reference the absolute path for all affected files. You will have your edits back!

So, the truth is that I have not found what causes the bug nor the faulty code, but I hope these observations will help the devs to fix the bug, and fellow Reaper users to get their edits back.

P.S. My backup references:

Project settings:

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Reaper 6.03 x64, Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 1909

Steps to reproduce:

1) Open Reaper and drag an audio file inside
2) Load Melodyne and do some edits
3) Save the project without asking Reaper to Move or Copy the audio files
4) Make sure that automatic backups are set every 1 minute (see my settings in the previous post)
5) Open your file explorer and keep an eye to the backup folder
6) Just move around the edit cursor in the project - do not do anything else - and press Save (I did it via the shortcut) whenever you see a new automatic backup created.

I did this with a new test project. The bug appeared the second time I saved. The first time, after having seen the automatic backup created, the original project was still ok. As you can see in the timestamps (by comparing the differences of the texts of the faulty project and the working automatic backup), I manually saved 2 seconds after the automatic backup creation.

faulty project

<REAPER_PROJECT 0.1 "6.03/x64" 1580374871
FILE "2020-01-20_0125.wav"

Working automatic backup

<REAPER_PROJECT 0.1 "6.03/x64" 1580374869
FILE "G:\REAPER RECORDINGS\New Test\2020-01-20_0125.wav"

This is the test project folder:

And this is the automatic backup folder (/Backups):

Hope this helps!

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Thanks a lot for your work!

To Clarify: Reaper has a bug that causes the use of relative paths instead of absolute paths for audio-files in the .rpp-file under some circumstances, right?
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No! There is a bug when using Melodyne ARA with Reaper that causes edits in Melodyne to be lost. We are trying to find under what circumstances this happens. And then the Devs will figure out if this is on Reaper's or Melodyne's part (or both).
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Thanks for the work amalgama, this is a really annoying bug.
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Thanks so much for writing this up. We are working with Celemony to try to figure out a solution!
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