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Default What MIDI sorcery is this?

Argh, this has been a problem for me for a good while now. It happens irregularly, but often enough to be very annoying.

So basically, sometimes when I record MIDI, Reapert decides to record not only to the track I have armed, but to other tracks as well. But it is not really recording anything, it's just dragging the existing items on these tracks, with what looks like item looping, as you can see by the small "dents" in the items (except that no actual looping occurs; the new extension of the items are totally empty). The items affected by this are extended and overlap subsequent items.

The wierdest thing is that the "loop dents" is not lined up, as you can see on picture 3. But before the recording, the items on those two tracks WERE perfectly lined up.

I encounter this problem all the time, albeit irregularly. Has anyone else stumbled across this? Any idea what coiuld solve it?

I do not have the other tracks armed.
I have looping of items turned off.
Having Snap turned on or off doesn't seem to matter.
Having a time selection and set Reaper to always fill the selection when recording seems to have an effect of this, as the items are extended all the way to the end of the time selection.
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Perhaps you could compress a simple problem project file (no audio samples needed) into a ZIP file and post it here as an attachment so that we can have a look at it and see what's (not) happening?

Can you include 3 sets of tracks, showing the evolution of the mystery?
(a) the 3 yellow and white tracks as in your first screenshot,
(b) the 4 yellow, white and blue/purple tracks as in your second screenshot,
(c) the 4 yellow, white and blue/purple tracks as in your third screenshot.

How to post attachments (in Post #1)

Also, maybe you can add a step-by-step guide to recreating the mystery?
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