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Default Polyakov (Music Society Edition) by Blue Smoke Audio

Inspired by the Formanta Polivoks, produced in Soviet Russia 1982-1990

- Windows 32-bit VSTi (made with Synthedit);
- mono/poly (8 voice);
- 2 oscillators - tri/saw/square/pulse1/pulse2;
- x-mod (osc1);
- white noise;
- LFO - tri/square/noise/random;
- BP/LP, 12 dB/oct resonant filter (0dff) with oversampling (mono: 2x, poly: 8x);
- 2 x ADSR, switchable AD-repeat (mono/paraphonic);
- LFO modulation adjustable by modwheel/cc1 (selectable);
- velocity sensitive filter cutoff (~20%) and volume (50%) [Hint: 'power' button] (selectable);
- NO audio-in! 'EXT' control in the mixer actually adds a gentle saturation before the filter input;
- and only 8, very basic patches ... experiment for yourself!

Note: all knobs work in 'rotary' mode - hold [Ctrl] for extra precision and/or drag radially before rotating for ultra-fine adjustments.

to download, you have to register or login. It is 100% free,5732.0.html
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