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Default Cut down Reaper/plugin startup time - stopped Adobe & Avid.

I got fed up waiting 5 minutes for plugins to load when I opened projects, finally realized there was a bunch of crap competing for my ilok. I use Reaper mainly, but also have Pro Tools and Adobe Creative Cloud stuff installed for when I need them. I found just having the Adobe and Avid startup stuff loaded in the background was clogging up my project startup times TREMENDOUSLY.

I built two sets of batch files, one set to turn off everything Adobe and Avid, and another set to turn them back on. They're just .cmd files saved on my desktop, you need to run them as admin. Remember to start them up before you go to use them.

net stop "Adobe Acrobat Update Service"
net stop "Adobe Genuine Monitor Service"
net stop "Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service"
net stop "AdobeUpdateService"

net start "Adobe Acrobat Update Service"
net start "Adobe Genuine Monitor Service"
net start "Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service"
net start "AdobeUpdateService"

net stop "Avid Hub Service"
net stop "Avid Transport Client"
net stop "digiSPTIService64"
net stop "Digidesign MME Refresh Service"

net start "Avid Hub Service"
net start "Avid Transport Client"
net start "digiSPTIService64"
net start "Digidesign MME Refresh Service"

Reaper loads a plugin-heavy project w/ lots of iLok activations much faster, from 3-5 minutes down to 30-60 seconds.

Cheers -
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Very obviously forcing their customers to use iLock is a fraud.

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Hey - I would really like to get rid of the Avid Hub Service off my main Reaper Mac.
As I am a total code dunce... What do I do with the above code?
Copy into what program? (on a Mac)

Further - If I do need to use ProTools (yuk) - will it still all boot up without the Hub Service enabled?
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