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Default Reaper will no longer fill screen at lower resolutions and other related issues

I loaded the newest version of reaper and
it appears, that the new version will not fill the
monitor screen at any screen resolution less than
the highest.....never had this issue before, assuming
it's due to the update but can't be sure. Also, besides
no longer filling the screen, the counter on the transport
is only visible at the highest monitor resolution
setting....this highest resolution makes most of the
text in reaper too small to read and overall everything
appears too small. Figured out the preferences, Advanced
UIsystems tweaks method for enlarging things, but
it doesn't enlarge the text and using it at even minimal size
increases disappears the transport time counter. Did a search and others
have been having similar difficult to read issues.
Is there anyway to enlarge the text, or fill the screen
at lower screen resolutions and not lose the transport time
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