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Default Two ESSENTIAL features


When working in film or tv you have very long mixes and you usually print many stems and formats (5.1, Stereo etc). So this amounts to alot of tracks for a lot of time. Usually, after the mixes and stems are printed, production will ask for touch-ups. This means you need to punch in and out at certain points into the main mix and stems. Pro tools enables you to do this without generating a new Item. It is called Destructive Record. In this mode, every punch-in/out is automatically consolidated into the previously printed mixes. I do not see this feature in Reaper. This means that all the touch-ups will be independent clips which will need to be glued into the existing a items using the Flue function, thus generating a whole new set of items and waisting MUCH disc space for nothing. Please implement this.


When editing sound to picture you do a heck of alot of scrubbing. From what I know, the present methods to scrub an audio Item in Reaper, is to put its track in solo and dragging the project curator's handle and scroll the whole project. This is too complicated. Please implement direct item scrubbing.
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