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Default Q: Parse CSV file with JSFX


I am a bit confused that string format and function in JSFX.

imagine a file like
The seperator - can be replace with any other separator.

Here is the code for sampling a file (from MIDI Pattern/Scale Variation Generator [IXix])
seqFile != slider8 ?
  seqFile = slider8;
  seqSize = 0;
  fileHandle = file_open(slider8);
  fileHandle > 0 && file_text(fileHandle) ?
      file_avail(fileHandle) ? seqSize += 1;
You can then access a line with seq[x] where x is the number of the line.

But how will you return two variables from that line ? How would you parse the "45-50" into two int variable ?
I only succeed to get int when there is only one number per line, but not two with a sperator.

Thanks for your help !

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