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Default Time Code Generator always 44.1K

Even when I start a new project, and my project and audio interface are set to 48K, the inserted LTC timecode track is at 44.1 and thus resampled dynamically during playback.

I'm guessing this is because whatever code generates the LTC is "fixed" at 44.1K, but I'd like confirmation that this behavior is expected rather than user error somewhere.

I can just glue the item or render it to a new track to get it at 48K (and relieve Reaper of the chore of SRC) but it would be better if it could be laid down at the project sample rate in the first place.
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It always reports 44k, but internally it actually generates a signal at ~10khz (for 30FPS), then resamples that to whatever the project rate is, so it should perform similarly (e.g. 10% more CPU) at 48khz as it does at 44khz. As long as you're not using the Extreme SRC mode, the CPU use should be minimal.
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