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Default Crackling DI guitar...

A short prehistory, recently many good guys here helped me to choose a new soundcard instead Lexicon Lambda, so thank you - now I have NI Komplete audio 6. It`s cool, I`ve already recorded vocal of one girl using my external preamp, everything was very fine. Yesterday I used the same preamp (as it`s multi purposed and has line\instrument inputs as well) to record several guitars tracks just to test some software amp sims, and when I instantly turned off all effects during playback I heard DI signal with extremely noticeable cracklings which I didn`t hear whith hi-gain amp sims. I thought it was kinda a buffer problem, and rendered them - nothing changed. Maybe smb has an experience of such a situation? What should I check at 1-st? Maximum peak levels were -6db and -9 of both guitars (as SWS extension says). From guitar to preamp there`s a special and pretty cool recording cable Providence, from balanced preamp`s output to bal line input of NI KA6 I`m using a short amphenol\klotz bal cable thus having a fully balanced connection and signal, which should be less noisy if I`m not mistaken... I`m very looking forward to seeing good advices from you. Thanx!
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It could still be a buffer issue, i.e., if you get dropouts, it can show up in rendering.

Other things to consider:

Being near a wireless router can cause some noise. Does the guitar have single coil pickups?

A power issue with the local power, computer, preamp, or interface can cause noise.
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I don`t have a wireless router but have humbucker in bridge and single in neck, both were without problem earlier...power issue? hm maybe, if it`s so, that must be difficult to stabilize as my house just like most of them here isn`t grounded, I only have power filters and that`s it.
the problem of buffer? maybe too, however I recorded vocal with the same latency (32 samples, 5.6 ms)and had no problem, why should it appear now...

LOL today decided to change internet provider with installing wireless router...damn...problems are growing!

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