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Default Windows 10 and MOTU micro lite - not happy together

I just made the jump to Windows 10. It looks like things went smoothly. (I held out until July, uninstalled and downloaded the latest drivers to my hardware.) But things aren't working as beautifully as the had been on Winwodws 7 Pro for years.

First, my setup:
Asus mobo, i5, 8mb RAM
3 SSD drives and a "standard" drive
AVG Free
Steinberg MR816x
2 x UAD2 PCIe cards
Powercore PCI
MOTU micro lite

I now encounter many dropouts. They aren't "clippy", they are just pauses or stutters. After much, much troublshooting, I decided to unplug the MOTU micro lite. I didn't think that this would have anything to do with it, but that totally cleared everything up perfectly!

What's up with that? Anyone else running a MOTU micro lite on Windows 10? Successfully or with issues?

It might be worth pointing out that Cubase 6 does not seem to suffer from the same affliction. Very strange. Any ideas, anyone?
Windows 10 (was Win 7 Pro) 64-bit, 8 GB RAM, 2.67 GHz Intel Quad Core, 2 x UAD2, TC PowerCore, MR816x, MOTU micro lite.
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