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Default Reaper suddenly loses all contact with audio interface OSX Sierra, MOTU Ultralite AVB

Hey community,

I've recently been having some serious issues with Reaper in a live situation. My setup includes a MOTU Ultralite AVB connected to a Macbook Pro (2014) running OSX Sierra and Reaper 5.974.

In Reaper I have around ten tracks, a couple soft synths (2 instances of Ron Papen Predator, and 1 instance of NI Massive), some EQ (ReaEQ) and reverb (NI RC 48/24 & Replika), a bit of waveshaping distortion (JS: MultiWaveshaper) and a couple other inserts (ReaPitch, Reacomp as a master limiter, JS: Soft Limiter).

It often happens that Reaper will suddenly "lose contact" with the MOTU interface in a very strange way... sometimes audio will be visible on the mixer meters, the Ultralite will still be selected and active as the project device, yet no audio will be coming into the interface itself.

Restarting Reaper doesn't fix the problem, I have to do a full reboot before Reaper sends audio to the interface again.

Sometimes also, but less often, the Reaper mixer meter levels will "freeze" and I will need to reboot.

Any idea what could be the issue? I've found it difficult thus far to reproduce this phenomenon on command. But it happens regularly.. at least once every other session.

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